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Playing Grepolis on a smartphone.
Just discovered the game?

Learn more about Grepolis

Grepolis, one of the most popular mobile/browser video games (available on Android, iOS, and computer browsers), has quickly established itself as the premier strategy game in the last five years or so.

Giving every player the opportunity to dive right in and build their own burgeoning empire (starting from scratch pretty much), Grepolis reminds players of the Total War series, the Civilization series, and – of course – the Age of Empires games that really started this entire genre.One of the cool things about Grepolis, though, is that it is free to play. Yes, there are micro transactions inside of the game itself, but anyone that wants to play Grepolis will have the opportunity to do so without spending a penny if they do not want to. It really helps to separate this game from the rest of the pack.So if you’ve been looking into Grepolis to determine whether or not it’s a right fit for you, hopefully this quick inside peek will let you know what it’s all about!

Start from scratch – just like everyone else

A feature that has helped this game become so popular is the fact that everyone starts off at the same level. When you drop “in world” you’ll start off with the same resources that everyone else does (on that World, anyway), so the field is as little as it gets. What you do with your tiny village is entirely up to you.If you decide to go after all of the big resources and lock them up as quickly as possible (grabbing as much silver, timber, and stone as you can), that’s entirely on you. You can, also build up your farmers so that your army will never run out of food in the future.As a general rule of thumb though, you’ll want to build up and capture as many resources as quickly as you can – at least until your Warehouse is full. From there you want to build defensive positions, establishing a safe perimeter from your (inevitable) enemies) before you go out and capture more resources.Once you are flooded with resources, you’ll be ready to start building up a standing army – and that’s when Grepolis gets REALLY fun!

Image of two soldiers fighting at Grepolis game.
Screenshot of a beginner city of Grepolis game.

You are at the head of this amazing empire

As mentioned above, the beautiful thing about Grepolis is that you are always going to be in complete control over your digital empire.You want to create a small, lean, attack focused army with fast-moving units that can get across the map and back before your enemies know what hit them, you’ll be able to do so. If, instead, you want to build up an army that can crush your enemies completely, but take a little bit of time to get to their objectives, you’ll be able to do that, too!The important thing to remember is that you are going to want to build troops and land units through your barracks (or through your Special Buildings) only when you know exactly how you’re going to use them in the future. Too many new players just kind of throw their Grepolis soldiers into the mix, hoping that they’ll be good enough to get the job done. That’s all well and good until you come up against a general and Emperor that has really thought things through.Unlocking new technology and building Special UnitsAs you progress in Grepolis, you’re going to gain access to new technology, new knowledge, and new advancements. You’ll be able to progress through this upgrade process like everything else in the game (at your own discretion), and it’s going to dictate and determine how well you do in your World.Take advantage of new technology as it becomes available to upgrade units already on the board, to create new units, or to assist in the creation of Special Units from Special Buildings.You’ll be able to use all of these brand-new assets as you wage war, create treaties, establish long-term feuds and build relationships with treasured allies as you go on to carve your own way across Grepolis. Far and away one of the most exciting and popular MMO titles ever published, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sucked back into Grepolis more than you expected to be. This is the kind of game that can hook you from the first moment!